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Portal news

Apr 19, 2017 - New features for installers and system operators

With SolarWorld's reference systems you will now find a link to the new demo view. In demo view, with one click unregistered visitors can view the new system overview with status icons.

As an installer you will find the new “My profile” under “My Suntrol”. You can use this view in your customer meetings to present your company and your own reference systems at a glance.

The system settings menu has been restructured for an easier use. Also, in important menues new icons have been added to simplify navigation.

Mar 20, 2017 - System overview new features: System status and data logger

In Suntrol portal you can now see the status of all your systems at a glance. Therefore, you will find new status icons in the overview of My systems:

● Green - no events

● Yellow - one or more events

● Red - no data connection

With one click on the icon you open the events log where you will find more detailed information about the events.

As installer you will also see the installed data loggers in the system overview. Thus, you can easily sort your installed systems by device type.

You can customize the columns in the overwiew as usual.