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Jun 19, 2019 - Stabilisation of the Suntrol Portal completed

On March 8th 2019, Solytic took over Suntrol Portal from the insolvent SolarWorld. As a result of the insolvency, the portal was no longer maintained, which led to some problems for you as a customer. After numerous working hours focused on stabilization, Solytic has been able to restore the old functionalities of the Portal. Furthermore, new features are currently in the development pipeline.

How can you help with the further development of the portal?

Please contact us in case of missing data. This applies in particular to customers with Kostal PIKO inverters, more than 4,500 of which have already been reactivated.

The announced further development of the portal will be initiated in the coming days by the deployment of the first new feature. With FairFleet's drone inspections, you can optimize your system yield or simply have some great recordings made. In addition, if you want a solution that focuses more on professional use, you will be able to switch to Solytic's monitoring portal through an internal interface. Finally, the focus remains on the server structure in order to ensure portal stability and speed, despite growth.

The mobile-friendly versions of the Suntrol portal: / are now functional again. The mobile App however, will not be reactivated for the time being.

The current web portal enables fast data processing and a positive user experience. Suntrol Portal continues to remain free of charge for you.

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