Suntrol Portal

Data privacy statement

Thank you for your interest in the “Suntrol Portal” of SolarWorld Industries GmbH. When visiting our homepage, we ensure that your personal data is of course protected in accordance with the legal requirements. You will find information on data collection and use below:

1. Registration details on the “Suntrol Portal”

You must register on the homepage to be able to use all the available options of the “Suntrol Portal”. For this, we require some personal data as well as information on your system:

a) Personal data: surname, name, full postal address, email address, login password.

b) System information: system name/description of the system, full postal address of the location of the system, system components and assembly (type of converter, module type, number of modules, assembly type, inclination and alignment), system capacity, date of commissioning, system constructor, yield and consumption data of the system (daily/monthly/annual/total).

2. Data logging

We shall automatically log access to our homepage and the calling up of files stored on the homepage. In detail, this shall concern: server log files (browser type, operating system, referrer URL/site previously visited, IP address, time of request) as well as FTP log files when transmitting system data (IP address, time of request, file name and path, user name).

The storage shall only serve internal system-related and statistical purposes. It shall not be possible to assign server log files to specific people. Recorded systems can be assigned to the operators via the FTP log files. In no case shall differing data be combined. Furthermore, collected data shall not be passed on to third parties. As soon as the data are no longer required to fulfill the purpose intended with the initial storage, these shall be automatically deleted.

Any additional personal data shall only be collected if and provided that you voluntarily submit these data, e.g. when registering yourself or a system, or in the event of a request.

We use so-called “cookies” in various places. These serve to make our online offer more user-friendly, efficient and safer for you. Most of the cookies used by us are “session cookies” that are automatically deleted after you have visited our web page. Cookies do not cause any damage and especially do not contain viruses.

3. Use and circulation of personal data

If you voluntarily submit any personal data to us, we shall only use these to present your PV system in the “Suntrol Portal” as well as to answer your queries.

Your personal data shall only be passed on or transmitted in another way to third parties if this is required for your PV system to be recorded in the “Suntrol Portal” or to answer your queries, as well as if you have separately agreed to these being passed on or circulated.

4. System monitoring via email

The email address specified by you shall not be passed on to third parties; however, system constructors such as the specialist partners of your system may contact you via email if you have given the according authorization to do so. Data related to system monitoring can also be forwarded to your email address depending on your settings. This will allow you to obtain information on your yield data as well as on any faults to your system.

5. Third party web pages

The data protection and usage terms of third party web pages shall be separately taken into consideration. This shall accordingly apply for the use of the search function in combination with Google Maps®; SolarWorld Industries GmbH has no influence on the regulations and handling there.

6. Right to access

On written request, we will gladly provide information to you at any time on your personal and system-related data stored. This shall include the origin and recipients of such data and the purpose of said storage.

7. Claim for cancellation

You shall, at any time, have the right to cancel and revoke any consent given to us to store data. We shall then immediately delete your stored personal data. Furthermore, the data shall always be deleted if they are no longer required to fulfill the purpose intended with the initial storage or if the storage of your data should become impermissible for any legal reasons. Should it not be permitted to delete said data for compelling reasons (e.g. statutory retention period), the data shall be blocked.